Why We Choose This Workshop?

To explore the forefront of fog and edge computing. Engage with industry leaders, researchers, and practitioners through keynote speeches, technical sessions, panel discussions, and interactive workshops. This annual event offers a unique opportunity to network, exchange knowledge, and collaborate on innovative solutions in this dynamic field.
  • Panel Discussion
  • How I Do it
  • Paper & Poster Presentation
  • Video Session
  • Oration
  • Clinical Lectures

FOGCE Conference

The inaugural Fertility Obstetrics Gynecology Continuing Education (FOGCE) Conference signifies a significant milestone in A4 Hospitals & Fertility Centre's journey in Chennai. Known for its world-class medical services and fertility treatments, A4 has become a trusted institution for fertility solutions.
The FOGCE conference reflects their dedication to advancing knowledge in fertility, obstetrics, and gynecology. With numerous awards, ISO 9001:2015 certification, NABH accreditation, and recognitions like "Top Best Single Specialty Hospital" and "No.1 IVF Centre in Tamil Nadu," A4 Hospitals & Fertility Centre's commitment to excellence shines bright.
Welcome to OG REVAMP!


Prepare to ace your exams with our comprehensive program designed specifically for obstetrics and gynecology exam going students. Our mission is to provide you with the best platform and practical review sessions, to ensure you're ready for the big day. OG REVAMP offers a unique and effective approach to exam preparation for obstetrics and gynecology students.

Our program highlights includes:

  • Expert Examiners - Led case presentation Sessions: Learn from experienced professionals in the field who provide detailed reviews of key topics.
  • Comprehensive Study Materials: Access up-to-date and relevant study guides, notes, and resources.
  • Interactive OSCE/ VIVA VOCE : practice your OSCE/VIVA VOCE using polls offer a dynamic and engaging way to simulate real exam conditions and enhance learning
  • QUIZ : Our quiz component is designed to help you consolidate your knowledge, identify areas for improvement, and boost your confidence as you prepare for your exams.





Oral/ Poster Presentation


Industrial Participation


Our Feature

Diverse Speaker Lineup

We have assembled a panel of world-renowned experts in the field of fertility, including doctors, researchers, and specialists. They will share their knowledge, experience

Comprehensive Workshops

Attendees can participate in a wide range of interactive workshops covering various aspects of fertility from reproductive health to the latest technologies


Connect with fellow attendees, speakers, and exhibitors in a collaborative environment. Share experiences, build professional relationships & expand your network.

Informative Seminars

Our conference offers a series of informative seminars that delve into crucial topics related to fertility. You'll gain a deeper understanding of fertility challenges, solutions

Breakout Sessions

Customize your experience by attending breakout sessions focused on specific areas of interest, such as fertility preservation, in vitro fertilization (IVF), or reproductive health.

FOGCE Speakers 2023

Dr. Osama Shawki

International Speaker
Maestro of Hysteroscopy, Cairo

Dr. Sunita Tandulwadkar

National Speaker
DPU IVF & Endoscopic centre, Pune

Dr. Evita Fernandez

National Speaker
Fernandez Hospital Edu. & Research Fdn., Hyderabad

Dr. Praveen Joshi

National Speaker
Joshi’s Andrology & Urology centre, Bangalore.

Dr. PG Paul

National Speaker
Paul’s Hospital, Ernakulam, Kerala

About FOGCE Conference 2023

  • Day 01 01 Preconference Workshops
  • Day 02 02 Conference Workshops
9.00 AM
6.00 PM


Discover the latest in hysteroscopy at our 2023 conference. Expert talks, hands-on workshops, and networking opportunities await. Enhance your skills and connect with peers in this essential field of gynecology. Join us for a dynamic learning experience.
9.00 AM
6.00 PM


Uncover the latest in embryology at our 2023 conference. Esteemed speakers, hands-on labs, and networking opportunities await. Enhance your expertise and connect with peers in this critical field. Join us for an enriching educational experience.
9.00 AM
5.00 PM

Clinical lectures

Attend our Clinical Lectures Conference 2023! Explore cutting-edge research & insights from top experts. Engage in discussions & broaden your knowledge. Connect with colleagues & elevate your clinical skills. Don't miss this opportunity to stay at the forefront of healthcare. Join us for an enlightening experience.
9.00 AM
6.30 PM


Join the Oration Conference! Renowned speakers, captivating talks & thought-provoking discussions. Ignite your passion & expand your knowledge. Network with fellow orators & elevate your presentation skills. Don't miss this opportunity to refine your art of communication. Join us for an inspiring event.
9.00 AM
6.30 PM

Video Session

Join our Video Session Conference! Engaging video content, expert insights & interactive discussions. Explore the latest trends & techniques in an immersive format. Connect with peers & advance your skills in a dynamic environment. Don't miss this opportunity to experience the future of learning. Join us for an enriching event.
9.00 AM
6.30 PM

Panel discussion

Participate in our Panel Discussion Conference! Diverse panelists, in-depth conversations & varied perspectives. Delve into critical topics & gain multifaceted insights. Engage with experts & expand your understanding in a collaborative setting. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of enlightening discussions. Join us for a knowledge-enriching event.
9.00 AM
6.30 PM

How I do it

Experience the "How I Do It" Conference! Experts share practical insights, methods, and strategies in their fields. Gain hands-on knowledge and valuable takeaways. Connect with practitioners and refine your own techniques. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the best. Join us for a skill-enhancing event.
9.00 AM
6.30 PM


Join our Paper/Poster Conference! Cutting-edge research, innovative studies, and visual presentations. Explore a wealth of scientific findings and engage with authors. Network with peers and delve into the latest advancements in your field. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a knowledge-sharing event. Join us for a research-rich experience.

General Questions

  • What is embryology?
    Embryology is the branch of biology that studies the development of embryos, from fertilization to the formation of organs and the complete organism.
  • What are stem cells, and what role do they play in embryonic development?
    Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that have the ability to develop into various specialized cell types. In embryonic development, they are crucial for forming the different tissues and organs of the body. Stem cells can divide and differentiate into more specialized cells, replenishing tissues as they grow and develop.
  • What is the role of Hox genes in embryonic development?
    Hox genes are a group of genes that play a key role in determining the body plan of an organism during embryonic development. They control the identity and positioning of body segments along the anterior-posterior axis. Mutations or changes in Hox gene expression can lead to developmental abnormalities.
  • What is cryopreservation?
    Cryopreservation is the process of preserving cells or whole tissues by cooling them to very low temperatures, typically below -130°C, in order to stop all biological activity and preserve the cells for future use.
  • Why is cryopreservation important in embryology?
    Cryopreservation is crucial in embryology as it allows for the preservation of embryos, gametes (sperm and eggs), and other reproductive tissues for future use in fertility treatments like in vitro fertilization (IVF). It also helps in preserving genetic material for research and genetic banking.
  • What are the common methods of cryopreservation used in embryology?
    Yes, we will organize networking sessions and social events to facilitate interactions among attendees, speakers, and exhibitors.
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